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The Key to Politely Wrapping Up Calls & Walk -Ins Script


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Time is a struggle at every agency.  As a way of doing business, we need strategies on how to be both efficient and effective.  Politely wrapping up phone calls and in-person meetings is often something that agents struggle with.

So what’s the deal? We never have enough time in the day, and then a chatty client or a walk-in
can place us even further behind. Many of us feel the following about client connection:
● It’s nice to connect with a chattier client to share a bit more about ourselves and learn
about them.
● While there are piles of things to do, it can be easier to connect with a willing client than
tackle the mountain of other priorities.
● There never seems to be enough time in the day; a few more minutes with a client who
appreciates us never hurts.
● When people walk in and they sit, it’s hard to politely get them to leave.