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Secret Shopper Calls


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Curious about your agency’s new business customer experience?
Or have a team member you want to get some honest feedback on?
Or just want to make sure you are continuously on top of your game?

Our secret shopper call program may be for you! We have a trained team of insurance secret shoppers that can help hold your agents accountable and see where there may be some areas for opportunity and improvement!

Our program includes:

  • A Leadership Guide for launching and understanding the calls
  • A Prep Meeting with a Performance Consultant
  • Review of the following areas:
    • Building Rapport
    • Gathering Information for Convenience
    • Setting Expectations
    • Delivering the Quote
    • Asking For the Business
    • Follow Up
  • You will receive the following:
    • Individual review of each call with a video from the secret shopper, form, call score and comments
    • Aggregate data on a group calls (what the average score of the calls)
    • COMING SOON: Benchmark your agency against others!
  • A 30 minute consultation with a Performance Consultant to review your results!

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