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How To Convert Inbound Service Calls Into Opportunity (Without Feeling Like a Slimy Salesperson)




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How to make sure every inbound call in your agency represents an opportunity without your team forgetting, saying they are too busy and not feeling like a pushy sales person.

Every agency wants easy ways to grow right? Well we all know your team takes at least 15-20 inbound calls per day. But what almost no agencies understand is how to really convert those calls into opportunity. It’s not focusing on new business it’s working to harvest the field of diamonds in your current book when your client calls you!  This can happen when your team has a process and training to help them identify and approach the opportunity.
If you are sick and tired of over heading phone calls in your  agency where your team is just conducting a transaction rather than making recommendations, asking for online review or confirming contact information? Do you tell your team your expectations but they take it more as a recommendation than a requirement? Your agency needs a different approach that engages the team and gives them a clear plan with expectations. This new online course on converting every inbound phone call into opportunity is easy, fun and not pushy. This changes everything!
What You Get
  • 2 Hours of video content on how to tackle this challenge (broken into an average video length of 10 minutes)
  • Workbook
  • Bonus – Guide for Leaders
  • Role Playing Videos
  • Scripts
  • Quizzes

Aren’t Convinced It’s Worth It?

  • Will video courses work for me and my team? The answer is video courses are a start, you can always purchase consulting hours to help cement in the concept!
  • Will people buy in? Our leadership course will help managers identify the best practices of taking the course from the workbook to the phones.
  • We have too much going on now is not a great time. You can buy this course outright and use it when is best, but let’s be honest will there ever be a good time? The harsh reality is that there is a cost to doing nothing.