3 Minute Video: How A Modern Renewal Goes In America

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So let’s chat a little bit about how a modern day renewal goes in an agency. How does that sound? So let’s just imagine and pain a picture. Let’s paint a picture of Sally and Jim. Sally is a nurse and let’s just say that Jim is veterinarian, right? So they both have a long day at work, they have a great family at home. Sally comes home from her long day of being a nurse, on her feet all day, she gets in the door and is greeted by her great kids. And the first kid is coming and saying, “Mommy! I want to go to soccer camp! It’s only twenty five hundred dollars!” and Sally’s like, “Great! How are we going to get that money?” She goes to mailbox, grabs the mail and in the mail is her insurance renewal.

How an Insurance Renewal Goes In America

Now, she opens it up and what do you think has happened to it? It’s gone up, right? And right next to it is her credit card bill from Christmas that hasn’t been paid off yet and her son with crocodile eyes saying, “I wanna go to soccer camp!” She immediately puts the mail aside, says she’ll deal with it tomorrow and goes about making dinner. Now her husband comes home from a long day, maybe a nighttime meeting and he’s hangry. So he’s looking at the mail saying, “What the heck!? Jim in my office pays X and Bob pays Y and our cousin pays X! We are absolutely getting taken advantage of!” And all of a sudden you’re thinking to yourself, “Oh, we’ve got to take a look at this.” We’ve got all these bills and everything is going up and no one really wants to pay for insurance. Put it aside and say I’ll call in the morning. Now everyone sits down and watches some TV, maybe they’re watching The Voice. Great show, by the way, and all of a sudden what do you see every commercial break? Geico, State Farm, Progressive. All the direct writers out there basically saying go online, go online, go online.


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