Complacency is Contagious

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Hi. Do you ever feel complacent in your business? Well, if you are complacency is awful contagious. If you, the leader or you, the staff member are feeling complacent just wait to see how quickly it rubs off on someone else. Complacency creeps in and then it’s really hard to get rid of. So if complacency is so contagious, what are some common ailments of complacency in an agency?

Well, one of my favorites is the good ol’ fashioned sloppy data entry. We get a little complacent on our standards and then all of a sudden all heck breaks loose when someone is trying to run a report. Another complacency area we see is people kind of coming in a little bit later to the agency. The start time might be 8:30 and 8:31 rolls in and people are punching in. That’s a great sign of complacency. How about attire? That creeps up too. All of a sudden leggings and UGGs are acceptable, professional attire. Not so much in my world.

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