3 Minute Video: The Price Isn’t Always Right… So What?

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3 Minute Video

The Price Isn’t Always Right… So What?

We all try not to sell insurance on price, but let’s face it when we are the cheapest it’s a slam dunk! So what do you do when you are not the cheapest price? You need to have a plan of attack to counter balance the billion dollars of advertising direct writers are spending to get everyone shopping on price!

How Agents Focus On Price

Is your sales process price based? It is if you just shoot off an email quote with no explanation… just a hope that you take it!

How about your renewal process, do you automatically remarket when the rates increase?  Is that making it all about price? You bet.

When you post on social media is it all about how much you saved someone? Or how you saved someone by having the right coverage?

Take a look around your agency.  Are you fueling the price war?